NEW RELEASE: Detroit Touch EP by White Ashes

The Detroit Touch Sound:

Detroit Touch is a new blend of rock, soul and electronic music produced by the Detroit band, White Ashes.

An emphasis is placed on old-school instruments and production value, while incorporating the best that modern recording technology can offer.

Guitars, basses, roaring organs, synthesizers, drum machines and drum sets mix together to create a retrofitted sound for our modern era.

"Touch" is the key word, as 95% of our music recorded is performed, not programmed. 

The human element of touch and performance have been disrupted by a new status quo in music production – programming virtual sounds in a computer and pressing export, all without touching a physical instrument.

Detroit Touch Records is a music blog that promotes the recording studios, venues, musicians, and engineers in Detroit. To share stories, advice and tips to produce authentic music that has soul. Music that contains an element of touch – perfect imperfections that can only result from humans' interactions with music.