How to Make Spotify Sound Awesome: Setting The Disco Smile EQ

Here's a tip: you can adjust the EQ setting in your Spotify account to boost the bass and treble frequencies to get that classic Disco sound -- full bodied bass and some extra "sparkle" in the high frequencies to guarantee the dance floor is hopping.

If you look at a graphical EQ that's set to the Disco Smile EQ, it will appear to make a smiley face. The lower and high frequencies are boosted, while the mid frequencies are lowered or "scooped." The Disco Smile EQ is also known as the "mid scoop."

Try it out for yourself and tweak the frequencies to what sounds good to your ears and body.

Go to your account settings gear icon and tap on "Playback."

Next, tap on Equaliser (what's this, England?)

Choose a preset or set a custom preset. Use your ears and body as a guide. :)